The Garbage Man Earns a Tip

What kind of horrors in our home refuse could bring me to tip the garbage man? Not much...I try to tip every once in a while. But this was exceptional...

My wife believes she accidentally ate something with msg in it when driving on our last road trip. That’s a good possibility, given our steady intake of gas station fare recently. But considering the severity of her allergy, I know this is bad; it means she’s down for the count. She’s been sick to her stomach, has congestion and is having a tough time breathing.

Sometimes when someone gets sick, the rest of the family is bound to get sick too. It’s just an inevitable cycle of sickness where everyone takes their turn being miserable. I hoped this allergic reaction would pass quickly and nobody else would get a stomach bug. No such luck. Kiah was next to get sick. She puked right on our living room rug. And I mean really puked. I didn’t even think for one second I’d attempt to save the rug after I saw the aftermath. But how was I going to get rid of a dirty, smelly rug with over a gallon of puke on it? I cut it up because it was too thick to taco, then rolled up both halves and stuck them in a trash can. Luckily the garbage man took it. OK, they’re getting a tip taped to the trash can next week. That was nasty. It was so nasty the flies thought it was too gross to eat.

I took a shower after puke cleanup. I steamed in the bathroom to try and coax all nasty microorganisms out of my pores. Demons begone! Yet my faith is small. I prepare mentally to catch whatever foul virus had already taken down 3 members of the family. Lots of veggies and vitamins. I knew it was a nasty one. Bekah was too sick to even help me shop online for a new rug. The kids napped all day and watched Netflix. I fill in as nurse and waiter and animal caretaker as I await my turn for the sickness.